ZF-3406: HeadStyle view helper: allow multiple media descriptors


There is a check on the given media attribute to see if it is valid. (file HeadStyle.php, on line 317 - 321) The check only verifies single values. It should need to support multiple values.

eg. //Works $this->headStyle()->captureStart("APPEND", array("media" => "screen")); //Result

//Doesn't work $this->headStyle()->captureStart("APPEND", array("media" => "screen, projection")); $this->headStyle()->captureStart("APPEND", array("media" => array("screen", "projection")));

//Expected result

Reference media descriptors -… -… media = media-descriptors. This attribute specifies the intended destination medium for style information. It may be a single media descriptor or a comma-separated list. The default value for this attribute is "screen".


Assigning to Jon Whitcraft.

This was fixed with r13182