ZF-3433: Custom helpers which extend ZF helpers, initially instantiated in a partial aren't used post-partial


<?= $this->partial('header.phtml'); ?>


You can take information at ZF-2900 about the BREAK of Zend_Loader::isReadable with custom error handler.

I don't follow how this issue "depends on" ZF-2900

It doesn't depend on ZF-2900, and was incorrectly linked, IMO. Satoru has a nice write-up on that issue about how custom error handlers can lead to issues with Zend_Loader::isReadable(), but that's clearly not the issue here.

Added some formatting to the description to make it more legible. I couldn't find the documentation for the 'code' and 'noformat' tags when I created the issue.

Could ZF-3543 be related this this issue?

Does this issue still exist?

Attempted to create a unit test for this issue, but wasn't able to match the described error from the comments.

It appears developers were looking for more information but have gone unanswered. This must not be an issue anymore. If it is, please reopen with further reproduction information