ZF-3459: Proposal for different lifetime for each router in 'regexps' of Zend_Cache_Frontend_Page


Is it possible to set different lifetime for separate router? I.e:

$frontendOptions2 = array(
   'lifetime' => 10,
   'debug_header' => false,
   'regexps' => array(
       '^/$' => array('cache' => true, 'lifetime' => 20),
       '^/new/' => array('cache' => true, 'cache_with_get_variables' => true),

For '^/$' we set lifetime 20sec, and for' ^/new/' by default 10.


seems to be a good idea

just commited something like this into SVN trunk

can you try it ?

fixed in SVN trunk

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.