ZF-3462: Zend_Validate_Hostname ccSLD support


Zend_Validate_Hostname does not seems to support the validation of domains with country code second-level domain (ccSLD), such as or (ccSLD list here:


Any feedback on this issue, someone?

Hans, please could you supply some sample code and I can look into this for you. Without any code, it's impossible to investigate since all TLDs including ccTLDs work fine for me with this validator.

Can you check you are not using a custom error handler in your code since this seems to be causing issues with Zend_Loader (see ZF-2900).

thanks, Si

This issue can be closed IMO.

I have run the list of domains from

All all pass sucessfully

Checked with the last rework of Zend_Validate_Hostname. Unable to reproduce the described behaviour.