ZF-3581: Add Zend_Log::getWriters() to return list of attached writers


Zend_Log should have a getWriters() method to return the list of attached writes for better testing.


Patch to add Zend_Log::getWriters()

Anything problematic with this change? It is really simple and as far as I'm aware does not create any backwards compatibility issues

I don't see a problem with this change, although it will have to wait for 1.8 since it changes the API of Zend_Log. I will check with Matthew to make sure the change is OK with him and , if so, commit accessors for all the properties on Zend_Log.

Postponing pending Matthew's comment. If he is OK with it, we will schedule the change for 1.8.

The change is fine. It should be noted, however, that this would return an array -- not an array reference. If other methods are desired for manipulating the list of writers, we should address that at some point. Otherwise, this looks fine.

Reassigning to component maintainer

What do you think about add a identify name to writer and your respective getter?


$tmp = getWriter('supportTeam'); $tmp->addFilter(Zend_Log::CRIT);