ZF-3585: Zend_Date is not fully compliant with RFC 1036, RFC 1123, RFC 2822


Zend_Date does not support dates from strings with non-numeric timezones for RFC 1036, RFC 1123, and RFC 2822, but compliant agents must support at least some non-numeric timezones these according to the specs. It seems that Zend_Date::RSS is currently identical to what should be supported by Zend_Date::RFC_1123 and Zend_Date::RFC_2822.

References: RFC 1036 § 2.1.2; RFC 1123 § 5.2.13; RFC 2616 § 3.3.1; RFC 2822 § 3.3, 4, 4.3


RFC 2822 does not allow non-numeric timezones: see §3.3 RFC 2616 is officially not supported by Zend_Date RFC 1123 has been changed to RFC822 + 4 year regarding to §5.2.14 RFC 1036 has been changed to RFC822 regarding to §2.1.2

Note: These implementations are following the standard STRICT... this means when the standard defines "implementations should follow old standard because of redundancy" this will not be supported... use ISO_8601 in this case or define the format manually.

Integrated with r10598