ZF-3605: testIsLocale(Zend_LocaleTest) unit tests failure.


There is unit tests failure with the following diagnostic:

{panel} 2) testIsLocale(Zend_LocaleTest) Failed asserting that is true. {panel}


The problem was in the lazy $_browser and $_environment class members initialization based on the $_auto value. (see Zend_Locale::isLocale() method).

$_auto is actually initialized early (in the Zend_Locale constructor).

So $_browser and $_environment were never initialised.

I also found getDefault(), getEnvironment() and getBrowser() methods dont have to be static.

Thomas, please review this patch (CS-10029) and conform if it's OK

Have to check implementation myself as it changes the base class complete.

Changed implementation, tested by Alexander

Changes are merged into release-1.5 branch to be included into ZF 1.5.3

Updating for the 1.6.0 release.