ZF-3654: Make a webservice for people to be advised of ZF releases



As some of you know, I'm working with the creator of "Wampserver". Quickly said, Wampserver is an all-in-one tool for rapid deployment of a PHP developpment environment on Windows computers. See

We plan to make a special ZF release of our tool in 2008. That special version would be a version whole-dedicated to ZF development. It will require PHP 5.2.1 minimum as well as it will configure php.ini and other stuff for ZF developpment on Windows platforms.

We also plan to make an update tool. For that task we would need to ask a web service for new versions of ZF. I so ask for the team to build up a web service that could answer that problem, and could as well help other people I think. Any service that could be used by any ZF class is welcome :-)



As Julien and I discussed over IRC, the better way to provide this functionality is to provide a route such as that interested parties can poll. We will consider such functionality in future website updates.

Julien, are you still working on this? We might be able to do something for the 1.8 release along with other website improvements. I'm postponing for now since we won't be able to address it in the next few weeks.

Yes, we still plan to release a Wampserver version dedicated to ZF development. Any webservice technology such as Xml-RPC, Rest or SOAP could be usefull, as we don't plan to natively support pear channel communications. For my point of view, I suggest REST as it is simple and can be used without any extra tool (SOAP would need the ext/soap for example)

The service should, at fisrt time, give information about the current ZF prod version and/or nightly builds. After that : any ideas are welcome ;-)

Was resolved by #ZF-6297