ZF-3697: Missing Zend_Feed_Rss lastBuildDate channel element


At least I assume this is a bug. Maybe there's something inherently bad about the lastBuildDate element? Here's a patch for Zend/Feed/Rss.php in version 1.5.2. This line is missing going back at least as far as version 1.0.3.

@@ -147,6 +147,7 @@
    if (isset($array->published)) {
        $lastBuildDate = $this->_element->createElement('lastBuildDate', gmdate('r', $array->published));
+       $channel->appendChild($lastBuildDate);
    $editor = '';


Reevaluated to Major

Solved in SVN r13892

You HAVE to attach Unittests to such bugfixes Yoshida. Have you run the testsuite to check that everything still works?

Oh, Sorry for not attaching unittests. It causes BC?

Sorry, not in 1.7.4. please wait.

I ensure to be released in 1.7.5 .