ZF-3750: getParams() ignores Zend_Controller_Request::setParamSources()


I tried to set param sources for _GET only. bug Zend_Controller_Front::getParams() still returns _POST variables

try following code

$_POST = array(); $_POST['test'] = 'ZF BUGGED!'; var_dump($this->_request->getParamSources()); $this->_request->setParamSources(array('_GET')); var_dump($this->_request->getParamSources()); $params = $this->_request->getParams(); var_dump($params);


This Patch fixes the problem. Please apply it to the trunk. Thank you very much and keep on the good work! :-)

Added patch. This patch is a slight update from the prior patch provided in terms of whitespace and a fix in the comment. Also added a test case for this issue.

Patch applied and committed to trunk and 1.9 release branch -- thanks, Mike!