ZF-3774: Add the date/time of the last successfull docu sync


Within the status page of the manual there should be added the date/time of the last successfull sync.


Thomas, are you talking about this page? If so, where should the sync dates/times go IYO?

In my opinion at two places.

First: Within the status page... you can read "The status is refreshed hourly". Additionally we could add "The last refresh was xx.xx.xxxx yy.yy".

Btw: Sometimes the status page is broken. Today for example we can read only english and slowenian.

It would be good to know the reason and solve this problem. I expect eighter * broken xml file * broken docbook syntax * timeout at build

In case of a xml/docbook failure this failure should be ignored so we still can see the other manual status files.

Second: Within the manual itself... but I think this is already done. You can read "2008-12-02" on the first page of the reference guide.

Is our manual really 2 months old ? I thought it is automatically rebuild with every release ?

Thomas, please enter an issue for each separate issue you find, even if they are related. I think this is a worthy idea, but I'm not planning to update the status page in the next few weeks, so I'm postponing for now. When the status page is updated, I plan to make it much more readable and potentially smaller on the screen using some Dojo goodness.