ZF-3949: Wrong parsing of boundary value ?


Hi all. I use Zend_Mail in order to read POP3 messages, extracting parts from multipart mails.

But in a particular mail (a confirm mail I received from website), 'boundary' value is described like this :

{{Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary = bc34b90a236c267d1df0a9163df115a3b}}

There is a whitespace between '=' and the boundary value, so (I think) Zend_Mime_Decode::splitMessageStruct() doesn't parse boundary lines correctly. I used the {{trim}} function on {{$boundary}} (in {{Zend_Mail_Part::_cacheContent}}), and it works, parts are well extracted, but it's a temporary solution.

Is there a bug in {{Zend_Mime_Decode::splitHeaderField()}}, Is this method too RFC-strict ? I'm a beginner so I'm not sure. :)

Edit : this issue is similar to ZF-3318 issue. Sorry, this one can be removed.


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