ZF-3961: value must be optional for buttons


CUrrently, there's no way to achieve a button (or submitbutton or resetbutton for that matter) without the "value" attribute. IE will, however, display the value instead of the button contents + iconClass as does FF. This may be regarded as a Dojo problem, but still I'd prefer we have control over the generated code by not including "value" as tag attribute.


Actually, this isn't a Dojo problem, but a browser issue, so "value" must be omitted when creating button dijits unless specifically added in the attributes array.

This problem has been annoying me over the past three months, and neither here nor on the forums have I received any response regarding this issue. I would love to provide a resolution if only I understood why the value is notoriously injected in button code, even if manually setting value to null won't do, so I keep resorting to manually coding button HTML, which surely isn't the point of the framework... Please at least set the status to confirmed or will not fix

Fixed in trunk with r12374; will release with 1.7.0

Thanks, that's great!