ZF-3963: Zend_Wildfire_Channel_HttpHeaders flushes postDispatch


Zend_Wildfire_Channel_HttpHeaders flushes on postDispatch meaning that I can't log from my dispatchLoopShutdown plugins. Moving the flush to a new dispatchLoopShutdown method in Zend_Wildfire_Channel_HttpHeaders allows logging to Firebug in the normal manner.


Scheduling for RC3

How do I register a plugin on the dispatchLoopShutdown and ensure it is executed last by default?

All wildfire HTTP messages are now flushed on dispatchLoopShutdown() and by default the front controller plugin index is set to 999.

You can specify a different plugin stack index with the following code. This needs to be called before the first logging call.


Updating for the 1.6.0 release.