ZF-4003: uncessesary final method declaration


The Zend_Controller_Action class contains four methods declared with final modifier:

1 - final protected function _getParam($paramName, $default = null) 2 - final protected function _setParam($paramName, $value) 3 - final protected function _hasParam($paramName) 4 - final protected function _getAllParams()

The question is why. those functions are just wrapper functions for a protected variable and they use getRequest() which is not final. What about if i wana extend the functionality of them and make a general Action call for all my application for example load a default controller parameters from a config file without modify the request?

Please remove the boring final :)



Fixed in trunk.

Without unit test since i don't come up with a non-obvious way of testing this (without leading to fatal error if its final again).

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.