ZF-4050: Add new telephone number validator


In most web shops is this feature needed. may help


To mention:

Zend_Locale will get a phone component which allows internationalisation / localisation of phone numbers. It will also add a validator for these numbers.

There is actually no way how Zend_Validate allows such.

The problem is that in every language / country phone numbers are written slightly differently. Zend_Locale_Phone (not sure if we name it like this) will add this feature.

For now you can have this implemented when you use the regex validator and let it check your number format until Zend_Locale_Phone is ready.

Proposal waiting for recommendation from the devteam since 12.06.2009

Could this be a duplicate of…

No duplicate but identical. Only 2 places where this component is mentioned.

Closing as "Needs proposal". Note that the related proposal has been accepted for incubator development.