ZF-4090: invalid xhtml in YouTubeVideoApp


in Zend/GData/demos/Zend/GData/YouTubeVideoAp/p/operations.php, there are some functions that generate invalid HTML.

This causes problems when trying to incorporate the examples in a gadget that uses XML, i.e. taconite.

To make it valid, you should use htmlspecialchars. For example: * In function echoVideoPlayer - (NOTE: add missing quote at embed tag) $videoTitle = htmlspecialchars($entry->getVideoTitle()); $videoUrl = htmlspecialchars(findFlashUrl($entry)."&autoplay=1");

  • In function echoVideoMetadata - $title = htmlspecialchars($entry->getVideoTitle()); $description = htmlspecialchars($entry->getVideoDescription()); $authorUsername = htmlspecialchars($entry->author[0]->name); $tags = htmlspecialchars(implode(', ', $entry->getVideoTags())); $watchPage = htmlspecialchars($entry->mediaGroup->player[0]->url); $flashUrl = htmlspecialchars(findFlashUrl($entry));
    • In function echoThumbnails: (NOTE: close img tag correctly) echo ''     . $firstThumbnail .'getVideoTitle()) . '" />' ."\n";
    • In function echoVideoList: add a letter to the id, because an id must not start with a number: $table .= ''

      In file index.php, the line


      form id="navigationForm"> is not valid, because a form must have an 'action'.


Thanks for pointing that stuff out. Fixed in r12344.

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.