ZF-4118: All or most Zend_Soap_* files are containing a mix of dos and unix newlines




Solved in SVN r11270 Zend/Soap/Client/Local.php has not only LF and also CR as newline mark.

I save Zend/Soap/Client/Local.php to contain only LF.

Issue not fixed, the following files still partly contain wrong newlines (a mix of dos/unix in each of them):

Soap/AutoDiscover.php Soap/Client.php Soap/Wsdl.php Soap/Client/Local.php Soap/Wsdl/CodeGenerator.php Soap/Wsdl/Parser.php Soap/Wsdl/Parser/Result.php

Do You have CLA? I think You can correct them because You may know more information than me.

Full patch for all wrong lines attached.

I signed and mailed CLA at the beginning of this year - I hope they got it, as I never got a response :-( Could you submit the patch for me? I have no SVN access - patch is against revision 11416, so it should be fine.

Best regards, Thomas

Solved in SVN r11560.

I change CRLF to LF in these files.