ZF-417: New testing harness (ZFTestManager) fixes several issues with current testing framework


More details here, plus lets discuss on the below page

Issues noted during test running and test development:

  • Cannot run isolated tests This is important for finding dependancy issues.. also speeds up development time when trying to develop tests.

  • New test writers overwhelmed when there are a lack of standard practices specific to the Zend Framework Hard to follow when some writers add tests to suites and some add suites to suites, also, there is a better chance of changes being blown away by developers need to alter upper level AllTests file to include a new suite. Also, there is a better chance of tests getting lost in the shuffle, currently, 2 test files exists that never get run.

  • Need for a better configuration, better suite orgainization

  • some other issues listed on the wiki page.


Moved wiki discussion page to permanent home with other ZF design discussions.

Changing fix version to unknown.

What is meant by "Cannot run isolated tests"? Indeed, each test separate suite and test case can be individually run using PHPUnit. PHPUnit also supports the {{--filter}} option, which additionally allows you to control which individual test methods are run. This feature has its shortcomings, however, I'm sure. Maybe you could elaborate on this problem a bit more?

With regard to standard practices, there is the Testing Standards wiki page, but this obviously could use a lot of improvement.

Marking as won't fix for the time being. We can reopen at any point if we decide to look into getting better organization into unit tests, perhaps even there are new phpunit features we are not using.


Changing to comply with new IT coventions for components.