ZF-4215: Set the possibility to not escape title in headTitle Helper


Hi, In my application I have the necessity that the

html tag contains an (encoded) character like √, but at the moment that ZF Helper headTitle() write the html tag, it escape what I have insert, so "√" became "√", and this is not what I want.

I think that this imposition is wrong. I have to be able to choose whether I want that my

will be escaped or not.

Tnx and sorry for my bad english.

UPDATE in reply to Ben S.: My problem is not the encoded version of my text, the problem is that headTtile() escape, via escape() function, the string that I need to use for the HTML'S TITLE tag. So I can not use noone characters that start with & like TM, C, the checked V, α , &beta etc etc etc.



I don't really think that this is a requirement. All components in Zf are layed out to work with UTF-8. So when your output is in UTF-8 (which it should), then you won't have to escape it that character. Problem solved.

Fixed in trunk at r11373 Fixed in release 1.6 at r11374