ZF-4257: testBasicLogging(Zend_Log_Writer_FirebugTest) unit test failure


Output: {panel} 4) testBasicLogging(Zend_Log_Writer_FirebugTest) Failed asserting that is true. {panel}


Zend_Wildfire_Channel_HttpHeaders class (singleton) is used to manage special request and response objects (see Zend_Log_Writer_FirebugTest->setUp() method).

Zend_Log_Writer_Firebug log writer requests Zend_Wildfire_Plugin_FirePhp singleton (-primary class for communicating with the FirePHP Firefox Extension-) to be instantiated, which, in turn, registers himself as a controllor plugin of Zend_Controller_Front.

If Zend_Controller_Front was used before and already has registered request/response objects, Zend_Controller_Plugin_Broker resets these request/response objects at the provided plugin (Zend_Wildfire_Channel_HttpHeaders singleton) and overrides expected functionality.

Zend_Controller_Front::getInstance()->resetInstance() at the test setUp() method helps.