ZF-4258: testBasic(Zend_Validate_File_NotExistsTest)


Output: {panel} 15) testBasic(Zend_Validate_File_NotExistsTest) Failed asserting that matches expected value . {panel}

(tested with the release-1.6 branch)


Erased linking...

Extension tests for string, NotExists tests for file_exists... these are completly different tests and have nothing to do with each other.

Can you please verify this with trunk ?

Both have the same code base and I am not getting any error at all. Maybe a environment problem ?

Seems problem depends on an environment.

I tested it under Linux, PHP 5.2.5. It's the same environment which was used for ZF 1.6.0 testing.

Was there any code change which may affect Zend_Validate_File behavior? or is it definitely unit tests problem?

There has been changes to allow user definition of case sensitivy.

But in my environment all tests pass. So the problem must be Linux specific.

Can you evaluate on which line of the testbed the test fails so I can see the input and how the code runs ? Thanks

Line 104, first pass of the foreach() loop

Probably fixed with r11388. False directory separator used.

Yes, that fixes the issue.

Merged into release-1.6 branch with the cs-11392.