ZF-4267: Zend_Validate_Hostname (*.org)


This bug is related to the Ticket ZF-3989, the same happens with TLD .org.

As described in this ticket, the validation fails due to include failure of Zend/Validate/Hostname/Org.php


As noted this is related to ZF-2900

If you use a custom error handler then all errors, even suppressed ones, are sent to your error handler.

You need to check the value of error_reporting(). If this is set to zero (0) then the error has come from a suppressed error and you need to ignore it..

I would close this issue but there seems to be a JIRA error stopping me (this has been reported to the system administrators)

best wishes, SImon

Hi ,Simon. I find I can edit this issue without any error, so I close it for You and Alexander .