ZF-4313: Escaping HTML attributes breaks formButton/formCheckBox backward compatibility


Recent changes in ZF (starting at 1.6.0) broke backward compatibility for us in the formButton implementation.

Where we had the following code: <?php echo $this->formButton('bMailAttendants', $this->getTranslation('mail_attendants'), array('class' => 'buttonDefault', 'onclick' => 'mailAttendants(this,"'.$this->controllerName.'")')); ?>

we had to change this to: <?php echo $this->formButton('bMailAttendants', $this->getTranslation('mail_attendants'), array('class' => 'buttonDefault', 'onclick' => 'mailAttendants(this,\''.$this->controllerName.'\')')); ?>

to work around the escaping code in Zend_View_Helper_HtmlElement::_htmlAttribs()

I realise that this is a duplicate (and feel to mark it as such...) of bug ZF-4175, but it seems that I am able to create a new issue, and not comment on an existing one. Could that be looked into as well? It would have saved me, and others, time...


Since I can comment on the existing issue, I decided to mark this one as a duplicate of ZF-4175.

I think ZF-4175 is another type problem, so I change the link from that issue to ZF-4333.

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.