ZF-4331: HTML Object Helper - Flash Helper (htmlFlash) Does not work in Firefox version 3.0.1


This line <?php echo $this->htmlFlash('/path/to/flash.swf'); ?> in a view script results in the SWF playing in IE and Safari but not in Firefox version 3.0.1. An element is required in Firefox to play the SWF. The problem is, this is invalid XHTML. This is based on correspondence with Jurriƫn Stutterheim.


I recommend dropping the classid and codebase attributes, they are not needed and they are causing the issue.

Using the codebase attribute to point to is wrong anyway (even though common) since it should only reference a path within the same domain.

IE 5.0 and up will do just fine without classid.

Resolved in revision 11525

I tried revision 11800 and the problem persist. Maybe my configuration problem, but i don't think so.

Alessandro, could you please attach your resulting HTML?

My guess is that you didn't specify a width and a height.

You right, if I specify width and height it works great, but my html output without element. Is it correct?

I suggest this should be specified in the documentation as I came here for the same problem, and I am not too familiar with embedding flash into HTML pages. The doc says it should be easy, but without the info it's much a pain to figure out why it doesn't work. Just a thought.