ZF-4366: Adding missing setObject() to Zend_Soap_Server


SoapServer->setObject($object) is an undocumeneted but very useful method of the SoapServer extension. Its missing in the Zend Soap Server wrapper. The attached patch contains a new method setObject on the Zend_Soap_Server object that registers one object and injects the object into the SoapServer in _getSoap().

I have also added the patch to the ServerTest.php to add one unittest that checks functionality of setObject().

I have made some tests and found out that using both setClass and setObject does not work for SoapServer, but i haven't implemented an Exception yet that warns on usage of both of them. SoapServer just processes the first one of both calls and /dev/null's all the requests to the second. I havent throughly tested this though, so I cant give a final word on this (and left out the exception respectivly).


Patch for setObject() addition

Attached Unit-Test for setObject()

Added missing documentation part. This now shows how setObject is used inside the already existing setClass example.

Fixed in trunk

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.