ZF-4372: Zend_XmlRpc_Client doesn't take into account URI changes



When calling getHttpClient->setUri($uri) on a Zend_XmlRpc_Client object, subsequent calls are not hitting the correct URL.


Fixed in trunk.

XmlRpc now checks if the Http Client has an uri set and does not overwrite it in doRequest(). Two testcases have been added that check if the uri is delegated on doRequest to the client if NONE has been specified yet. And another TestCase that the HttpClient Uri is not overwritten if its already set.

The fix for this bug has created another one.


Basically the Zend_XmlRpc_Client contructor should override the value of the Zend_Http_Client URI instead of current behavior, which ignores the value passed in constructor if an http client is passed to the constructor with a URI set.