ZF-4435: Sliders do not work/render properly when included within a Zend_Dojo_Form_SubForm()


Getting the following incorrect rendering when I attach a Horizontal or Vertical Slider to a SubForm:


Here is my Form code:

class App_Form_SliderSubFormTest extends Zend_Dojo_Form
    public function init()

            'name'  => 'masterForm',

            array('TabContainer', array(
                'id' => 'tabContainer',
                'style' => 'width: 600px; height: 300px;',
                'dijitParams' => array(
                    'tabPosition' => 'top'

        $sliderForm = new Zend_Dojo_Form_SubForm();
            'name'   => 'slidertab',
            'legend' => 'Slider Elements',

                    'label' => 'Slide me:',
                    'minimum' => 0,
                    'maximum' => 25,
                    'discreteValues' => 10,
                    'style' => 'width: 450px;',
                    'topDecorationDijit' => 'HorizontalRuleLabels',
                    'topDecorationLabels' => array('0%', '50%', '100%'),
                    'topDecorationParams' => array('style' => 'padding-bottom: 20px;')

        $this->addSubForm($sliderForm, 'slidertab');

The sliders work and render correctly when attached directly to a Zend_Dojo_Form and when used via the $view->horizontalSlider() view helpers.


I should mention that this was found in trunk rev 11557.

Verified... when using the helpers programmatically. When you switch to declarative syntax, they do work, and this is a viable workaround until I can determine why the programmatic use case is failing.

To enable declarative syntax, call this in your view script prior to rendering the form:


fixed in r12387

Updating these issues to mark them resolved for 1.7.1.