ZF-4436: Firebug profiler table breaks when sending query times as float


Zend_Db_Profiler_Firebug. Query times are passed to firebug as float without quoting which results as 4 cols table JSON in headers. Eg.:

[0,00011,"SET CHARACTER SET utf8",null] ^ ^

result is broken (shifted) table in firebug. eg:

Time | Event | Parameters | [null] | 0 | 11 | SET CHARACTER SET utf8 | [null] |

instead of expected:

Time | Event | Parameters | 0,00011 | SET CHARACTER SET utf8 | [null] |

The problem is only evident when using locales that use commas in float values.

Proposed workaround is to cast query times to string.


See ZF-4437 for proper solution.