ZF-444: Distinguish between camelCaps and StudlyCaps and apply the term consistently across docs


The terms camelCaps and StudlyCaps appear to be used inconsistently across Zend documentations, as well as unfortunately, the world.

For example:
"(when converted from CamelCaps to underscore_words)." (ZendFramework-0.1.5/documentation/end-user/en/zend.db.table.html)

In other docs, Zend uses "camelCaps" to refer to lowerCamelCaps and, synonymously with "studlyCaps."

For example: "This is commonly called the "studlyCaps" or "camelCaps" method." (…)

Wikipedia, if taken as any authority or at least arbiter, distinguishes between lowerCamelCaps and UpperCamelCaps, but pejoritizes StudlyCaps as the use of caps and lower case indiscriminately, e.g., sTudLycApS.

Members of the Zend user community appear to distinguish, but inconsistently.

For example "The standard in built-in PHP functions is underscores for procedural code (simplexml_load_string) and studlyCaps/CamelCaps for object-oriented code." (…)

Whereas I'm familiar with camelCaps and StudlyCaps.

I'm not alone, e.g.,

"Class names are StudlyCaps. Method and function names are camelCaps (StudlyCaps with an initial lowercase letter). " (…)

This confusion between the terms may not be a ShowStopper, but it is certainly a headAche.

If Zend can't drive the global usage and distinction between the two - perhaps at least nail down a local usage and apply it consistently.


+1 on changing all references to studly to camel

Again, by fixing the V1 document and making it documentation worthy, we fix this reported issue.


Updating to comply with new IT component conventions.