ZF-4457: "Specialized" misspellings in RecurrenceException


In Zend_Gdata_Extension_RecurrenceException

RecurrenceException.php Line 140:
    public function getSpecialzied()
        return $this->_specizlied;

Here the function name is misspelled, and it returns a further misspelled protected var. The actual protected var is $_specialized (spelled correctly), so this function will always fail.

further down...

RecurrenceException.php Line 151:

    public function setSpecizlied($value)
        $this->_specialized = $value;
        return $this;

This function name is spelled incorrectly (but returns the correct protected variable). This function works, but correcting this error may break existing clients that are using the incorrect spelling.


Corrected misspells in SVN r11655

Not merged into release-1.6 branch. So it should be marked as "fixed for 1.7 Preview release" or to be merged into release-1.6

Is actually already merged into release-1.6 branch