ZF-4514: language packs


For non English users we need language packs for Zend_Validate we can use. A infrastructure which allows people to review en commit translations should be placed on the website like with other open source packs.

Otherwise everyone is doing it's own translations. This is a lot of double work!


Hello, Kristof.

For example, you mean Zend_Filter_Alpha and Zend_Filter_Alnum should be customizable for each languages?

(Zend_Filter_Alpha and Zend_Filter_Alnum are used in Zend_Validate_Alpha and Zend_Validate_Alnum.)

protected $_messageTemplates = array( self::IP_ADDRESS_NOT_ALLOWED => "'%value%' appears to be an IP address, but IP addresses are not allowed", self::UNKNOWN_TLD => "'%value%' appears to be a DNS hostname but cannot match TLD against known list", self::INVALID_DASH => "'%value%' appears to be a DNS hostname but contains a dash (-) in an invalid position", self::INVALID_HOSTNAME_SCHEMA => "'%value%' appears to be a DNS hostname but cannot match against hostname schema for TLD '%tld%'", self::UNDECIPHERABLE_TLD => "'%value%' appears to be a DNS hostname but cannot extract TLD part", self::INVALID_HOSTNAME => "'%value%' does not match the expected structure for a DNS hostname", self::INVALID_LOCAL_NAME => "'%value%' does not appear to be a valid local network name", self::LOCAL_NAME_NOT_ALLOWED => "'%value%' appears to be a local network name but local network names are not allowed" );

protected $_messageTemplates = array(
    self::INVALID            => "'%value%' is not a valid email address in the basic format local-part@hostname",
    self::INVALID_HOSTNAME   => "'%hostname%' is not a valid hostname for email address '%value%'",
    self::INVALID_MX_RECORD  => "'%hostname%' does not appear to have a valid MX record for the email address '%value%'",
    self::DOT_ATOM           => "'%localPart%' not matched against dot-atom format",
    self::QUOTED_STRING      => "'%localPart%' not matched against quoted-string format",
    self::INVALID_LOCAL_PART => "'%localPart%' is not a valid local part for email address '%value%'"


There is already a issue for this one... No need to have it twice.

Still, this issue depends on other like ZF-3164, ZF-4311, ZF-1998, ZF-1877, ZF-4371. I see this more as part of the this proposal:… even if it's not exactly the same.

Alex: Would you mind if I take over the work internationalisation, collecting and so on also for this component ? I see this as part of I18N. Please give me a reply what you think.

Closing as fixed.

Resources for english and german are available within incubator. Acceptance for core has been requested.

Hi, thomas. Can I add ja/Zend_Validate.php to incubator/resources/languages/ ?

There is still no acceptance.

It could be that it is wished to change the used format or that other points have to be done before migrating it to core.

And we have also to keep the revision where the resouce is build from. Otherwise there would be no way to know which messages have changed and which not.

You could add it, but you must keep track of any changes I am doing within 'en' and 'de' as I will not move other languages to core ( I don't understand them ;-) )

Thank You for quick responce.

I see , I will wait for Your moving trunk and being released in core ;-)

French is really easy to learn ;)