ZF-4523: Zend_Captcha requiring Zend_View instead of Zend_View_Interface on render(): Breaks third party view adapters


Zend_Captcha_Adapter's default render() method signature is:

public function render(Zend_View $view, $element = null);

However, when using a different view adapter for the Zend_Framework (for example, Dwoo) a fatal error is thrown because an instance of an object that implements Zend_View_Interface but is not Zend_View is passed. All render() methods should be:

public function render(Zend_View_Interface $view, $element = null);

Classes that need to be changed: Zend_Captcha_Adapter Zend_Captcha_Dumb Zend_Captcha_Figlet Zend_Captcha_Image Zend_Captcha_ReCaptcha


Fixed by Stas in SVN r12101

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.

Updating these issues to mark them resolved for 1.7.1.