ZF-4533: Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached change visibilty to protected for the _memcache member variable


The visibility of the member variable _memcache - which is the real/raw memcache object - is set to private. This disables the possibility to extend the class and use the memcache object. In my case I wanted to add functions like in- decrement functions but had to change the visibility in order to allow access to the object.

Interesting question is - maybe should be a new issue. Is it possible to add support for the in- decrement memcache calls.


Sorry, forgot to mention that the same is true for the Zend_Cache_Core _backend member variable. Changing both is required to extend the memcached backend

fixed in SVN trunk (both files)

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.