ZF-4587: The addOnLoad added for the Zend Parser should always be the first call on the page...


All is in the title.

When you do a "onLoadCaptureStart()", it added the capture before the "Zend addOnLoad function" which run the parser manually (in the source page).

That causes some problems because in our own function defined by the "onLoadCaptureStart", if we try to called our dijits, they are appears not defined (due to the parser which isn't runned).

So the solution would be : - To have a stack for the onLoadCaptureStart - or maybe to have all the time the zend function in the first place.

I think the stack solution would be better (in order to have something to do before the parser runs).


Fix committed to trunk and merged to 1.7 release branch; should release with 1.7.6 next week.