ZF-4627: Updating playlist entries fails due to invalid atom:category


Here is some code:

$playlistListEntry->title->setText('New Text'); $playlistListEntry->description->setText('New Description'); $playlistListEntry->save();

It seems the client library is sending malformed atom:categories:…>'/>

The second is spurious and causes a 400 error. The first has the wrong term.


I can't reproduce this. If I have an authenticated client and do this on my first playlist:

$first->title->setText('Updated PL'); $first->description->setText('new desc'); $first->save();

The following XML gets generated:"> ... [ snip ]

and the response is a 200 OK. After the put, the categories are also correct.

Fixed by Ryan Boyd in r12155.

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.