ZF-4691: Problem with multiple dots in the file name


Zend_Validate_File fails to identify the file extension of file names with more than one dot.

For example: File name: 41E6HW92CYL.AA240.jpg Extension determined by Zend_Validate_File: AA240.jpg


I don't see how you should get this output.

In both, branch 1.6 and trunk (1.7) the extension is detected by

substr($file['name'], strrpos($file['name'], '.') + 1);

in the isValid method. As you see the extension is the last rightest dot to the end. (str r pos). Both files are 5 weeks old and should be in 1.6 as also 1.7 Pre.

Not in 1.6.1.... but as I said... this bug was solved 5 weeks ago before 1.6.2 has been released. Maybe you are using 1.6.1 and not 1.6.2 ?

Yes you are right, I'm using 1.6.1.

Didn't find a ticket for it though.