ZF-4768: Grammar mistake


[quote] Zend_Pdf module is a PDF (Portable Document Format) manipulation engine written entirely in PHP 5. It can load existing documents, create new, modify and save modified documents. Thus it can help any PHP-driven application dynamically prepare documents in a PDF by modifying existing template or generating document from a scratch. [/quote]

Suggested correction: 1. Zend_Pdf is a PDF ... or Zend_Pdf component is a PDF...

Zend_Pdf is not a module, is it?

  1. Thus it can help any PHP driven application. Remove the hyphen between PHP and driven.

  2. generating document from scratch Remove "a" before scratch.

3a. Consider writing the statement like: Thus it can help any PHP driven application to dynamically create PDF documents by modifying existing templates or generating new ones from scratch.

  1. Zend_Pdf supports the following features: Module. cough


Assigned component to issue

I think it should be trivial.

Let me know if you folks need help in writing the docs, especially this component. I am willing to offer my time for better documentation.

Sudheer, we'd love your help in updating the docs. If you'd like, you can start by sending me a marked-up word doc for Zend_Pdf; I'll apply them along with some other changes that are happening. If you have interest in doing additional chapters, we can get you SVN access.


Fixed with r12834 on trunk.

Hi Wil,

Thanks for fixing the issue.

Currently, I'm not using Zend_Pdf. But every now and then I notice typographical mistakes in the reference guide. I'd be glad to help fix them on an on going basis.

I guess I'll need to join the team formally. I'll check the norms to join when I get time. Hopefully, during next week. :)