ZF-4831: testToJson(Zend_PaginatorTest) unit tests problem


{panel} 9) testToJson(Zend_PaginatorTest) Failed asserting that two strings are equal. expected string <{"0":1,"1":2,"2":3,"3":4,"4":5,"5":6,"6":7,"7":8,"8":9,"9":10}> difference < xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx???????????????????????????????> got string <{"__className":"ArrayIterator"}> {panel}


This seems to be an issue with Zend_Json. It looks like it doesn't convert an ArrayIterator to a JSON array when not using json_encode().

This is a problem with Zend_Json_Encode and is reported in ZF-4874. I've updated the unit tests to mark the test skipped when json_encode() isn't available in r12421.

Changing issues in preparation for the 1.7.0 release.