ZF-4908: testFriendsTimelineStatusSinceTwoDaysAgoReturnsResults(Zend_Service_TwitterTest) unit tests failure


{panel} 1) testFriendsTimelineStatusSinceTwoDaysAgoReturnsResults(Zend_Service_TwitterTest) Failed asserting that is true. {panel}


The problem is caused by data stored at

Test expects some entries updated in last two days, but they become out-of-date at some moment.

Test is marked as incomplete.

A similar problem exists for the following failures:

{panel} 1) testFriendsTimelineWithPageReturnsResults(Zend_Service_TwitterTest) Failed asserting that is true.


3) testUserTimelineStatusShouldReturnTwentyResults(Zend_Service_TwitterTest) Failed asserting that

Additional failure:

{panel} 1) testUserTimelineStatusWithPageAndTwoTweetsReturnsResults(Zend_Service_TwitterTest) Failed asserting that is true. {panel}

It's all you, Jon. :)

Fixed in r13029: Reordered the tests and created a helper method to insert test data into the test friends tweets to we can test specific functions