ZF-4968: Add style comments to


Add style comments to


Good idea , i found a lot of information in comments

Personally i like the djangobook comment style more, which also would fit the Zend Framework manual more.

Matthew has a proposal on how to do this, and we have considered adding this feature to the online version of the docs for a future release. I also prefer the more localized comments in the Django book, but I think we may be able to do a bit better by classifying the type of comment (e.g., documentation error, warning, note, example, etc.), so that you know what kind of comment/thread you are opening without having to look through a long list of unsorted comments. We might also support comment threads. Also, I propose we require authentication with the tools un/pw to keep the quality of the comments high. O O O, some Dojo widget/animation goodness would be nice! In short, I think we should provide all the benefits of and the Django book, but do it even better. :)

This issue has been resolved with ZF 1.10 or do you plan to add something?