ZF-500: Need Proposal & TLC


There are several issues with this component, including:

need clear justification for use cases in which is not a better choice than using this component

e.g. use cases for URI's, not URL's

e.g. construction of URL's is not supported by parse_url()

code require()'s bulky subclasses (even though they might never be used in the request)

Zend_Uri should not be an abstract class: /

Zend_Uri should work "out of the box" according to the RFCs above

Specialized handling of schemes should be provided by scheme-specific subclasses that are not require()'d to use Zend_Uri.

A proposal is clearly needed. A rewrite might also be needed, but not before a proposal has been written that lists the purpose, use cases, etc. I am happy to help, just IM/email me anytime.


Waiving requirement for a proposal for Zend_Uri. This class has been in Core for a long time, and it has matured plenty.