ZF-5019: Invalid UTF8 in comments: Could cause failure in automated checks.


Several comments in Zend/Amf/Parse/Amf3/Deserializer.php mean that the file contains invalid UTF8 and thus fail an automated check in my subversion repository when I import them.

The patch I will attach fixes the issue but not knowing what the text should say means I'm not sure if I fixed it correctly...


Patch which gets rid of the invalid UTF8 and replaces it with a more verbose version of the data. I don't really know what it means so this may be a stupid fix :)

Consider this patch as yours (/me needs to get round to filling out the contributor form...)

Hi, I think the character is cross mark in ISO-8859-1 encode.

Solved in SVN r12875

This fix will be released in ver. 1.7.2