ZF-5037: Zend_Form - Translator issue since 1.7.0


In Zend_Form 1.6.2 i had to write \

for each element to disable the translation in forms (form values "must not" be translated).
Now in 1.7, this setting causes the form to completely ignore the values i put in with

When i change setDisableTranslator to false or remove this line entirely, the values are displayed (but translated!!!)


Just take a look at these two methods:

public function addMultiOption($option, $value = '')
    $option  = (string) $option;
    if (!$this->_translateOption($option, $value)) {
        $this->options[$option] = $value;

     return $this;

protected function _translateOption($option, $value)
    if ($this->translatorIsDisabled()) {
        return true;

If you disable translator, _translateOption returns true and addMultiOption does nothing. _translateOption should return false.