ZF-5049: Unable to send simultaneous requests


When trying to send two or more requests at the same time on the same connection object, I receive a Client.Data.Underflow error for each request following the first one. This is the offending code:

        var responder:Responder= new Responder(this.handleUserFilters,Application.application.faultHandler);"Web_Service_Model.getUserFilters",responder,filterID);

        var responder2:Responder=new Responder(handleFilterProperties,Application.application.faultHandler);"Web_Service_model.getFilterProperties",responder2,filterID);

The second web service call will generate the error. I have been able to work around the issue by creating a function that makes a new NetConnection object for each call requested, however I know that AMF should be capable of handling simultaneous requests as I am coming over from AMFPHP where such a thing was possible.


Can you submit a complete AS class file for this bug. I am unable to recreate this issue.

I had this problem to. But now - after using the patch from Stefan Klug - it runs fine. Wade: Will you integrate the patch from stefan in the next version?

Issue is dependent on ZF-6393

resolved by ZF-6393