ZF-5088: Translation Proposal


Improve translation. It may seem different from the original, but the current text really don't have much sense. In this way suggested is understood much better in Spanish, which is the important thing.


I followed the instructions on Wiki:…

but I don't have clear what file have to upload. So .... Please say me for futures issues.

Hi, Alberto.

You can login SVN repository? There is Zend_Form-Introduction.xml in 2 places for version 1.7.x

1)… .

2)… .

I hope it will help You.

Hi Satoru.

I don't have acces to the SVN.

I have the translation from trunk, is the more recent. This is wrong?

Hi, Alberto.

It is correct. You can translate from English version in trunk.…

The English version in trunk is master document.

Alberto, did you get SVN access from Matthew?

Hi Will. No, I haven't.

No more applicable. Resolved in revision 13068

Hi, Alberto.

Sorry if you have already known in following.

If you want to release new document from 1.7.2, you should also commit to branches/release-1.7/documentation/manual/es/module-specs .

But If you want to release from 1.8 (or bigger), you may only commit to trunk/documentation/manual/es/module-specs .

Have a good days!

I didn't know. Thanks for the information Satoru.