ZF-5107: getParams() ignores Zend_Controller_Request::setParamSources()


Here is a working version that does not ignore paramSources:

public function getParams()
    $return = $this->_params;
    $paramSources = $this->getParamSources();
    if (in_array('_GET', $paramSources) && isset($_GET) && is_array($_GET)) {
        $return += $_GET;
    if (in_array('_POST', $paramSources) && isset($_POST) && is_array($_POST)) {
        $return += $_POST;
    return $return;


I agree

This does appear to be a bug since getParam() honors the values in setParamSources(). I've attached a patch with a new unit test and an update to getParams()

Fixed in trunk and 1.9 release branch