ZF-5108: Framework Dependencies Documentation Seems Outdated


I'm unsure how many mistakes there are, but I'd estimate quite a large amount.

I wanted to use Zend_Rest for another smaller library and consulted the dependencies documentation to see which additional components I had to include for Zend_Rest to be functional.…

It only lists Zend_Exception, Zend_Server, Zend_Service, and Zend_Uri, so that's what I included when trying to use the class.

I didn't get very far. Zend_Service requires Zend_Http which requires Zend_Loader.

Zend_Uri requires Zend_Validate_Hostname and Zend_Registry.

This seems like a reasonable issue as anyone who wishes to separate the components (which is advertised functionality) will probably use this documentation.


This page shows only one level depth of the requirements.

Unset component I think it seems impossible to wirte all component not only now but also in future.

I agree... The problem with the guide I created is that no one keep it up-to-date. New dependencies arise, and old will be depreciated.

Also everyone should be clever enough to look for all dependencies of classes he want to include. This guide should just simplify things for people using only a single component. It origin intention was not to seperate components. There are several dynamic dependencies which are only used when calling special methods.

How about following plan?

In the plan, we will update the document each after minor version up. Because many of new components may be added each minor version up.

For example, after 1.8.0 before 1.8.1 we will update the document. Its advantage is not often to update. But the disadvantage is Users of the 1.X.0 (and 2.X.0) can not find information of new classes. But I believe they can also research by source code.

I am already updating the reference guide for now.

Still, the generic problem is, that this takes me about 4 days as all classes and references and subreferences have to be checked and updated.

As authors do not update this guide, it will always be outdated. But this is the problem for the whole manual.

The generic reason for this guide was a help. This does not mean that it reflects the actual version nor that it is complete. Anyone who uses this guide should be encouraged enough to use eighter the complete framework or to test it and be able to add missing classes himself without problems.

Status changed from problem to improvement

Reference guide updated with r13490 New structure supporting subcomponents