ZF-5161: Fix @subpackage statement in Zend_Gdata classes


Fix @subpackage statement in Zend_Gdata classes as well as in Gdata.php. Also creating a new subpackage, just called Gdata for the gdata specific classes that while inheriting from Zend_Gdata_App should show up in their own subpackage in the API docs to make for easier reading.


Fixed in r13021 and 13022. Merging to 1.7 branch

Note that this has NOT been merged into the release-1.7 branch as of r13033.

Merged in r13039.

Changing from "Improvement" to "Docs: Improvement".

Marking as resolved in next mini release.

Thanks. Fixed the remaining for Gdata classes, merged in r13047.

Missed an Extension in /Gdata/Books

Merged in r13380