ZF-5181: ZF-3161 Fix Causes Problems


Forgive me if this is not a bug, but I can not seem to comment on anything here.

After upgrading to version 1.7.1, I had problems with OpenID. I got invalid controller errors when performing OpenID logins using the Zend Framework's provider library. The problem occurs because I have the host address in the query string as a GET parameter. The fix for ZF-3161 causes the request URI to be changed and consequently this results in an invalid controller being specified.

For example, if the request is http://test/controller/…, the request URI is changed to /something/.

When I replace Zend/Controller/Request/Http.php with the version from 1.7.0 it does not show this problem. The only change in the file between these versions is the code added by this fix.

Edit: Any update to this? I would like to know if it's me or a bug, thanks.


How are you narrowing this down to ZF-3161?

I think I know what's going on, and will look at it today.

Addressed an fixed in ZF-5818